Baronial Awards

If you wish to recomend someone for an award,
please contact the Baron .
Golden Amphitere:
For long-standing service to the Barony.
Azure, a sea-pithon between in fess two suns in their splendor and in chief another Or.
Muse's Blessing:
For service and participation in the arts and sciences.
Azure, a sea-pithon between in fess two acorns and in chief another Or.
Horicon's Favor:
For courtesy, honor and courage in the arts martial, be it light or heavy weapons, archery or equestrian.
Azure, a sea-pithon between four mullets in cross Or.
Seat in Tamarack's Hall:
For people new to the Society or Barony who became involved and showed their support through service.
Argent, in pale a bunch of grapes bendwise sinister proper and a tressel table proper.
Hospitilar's Chalice:
The award is given to those who tirelessly and most graciously have demonstrated the act of hospitality, that is, the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, and strangers, with liberality and goodwill..
Bo-Tii's Wing:
For people outside the Barony who have supported our group.
Azure, a bat wing Or within a bordure argent..

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