as updated February 2013

These are the official policies of the Barony of Windhaven, amended and approved February 10, 2008. In the event of a conflict between these policies and any policies, regulations or laws of the Kingdom of Northshield, SCA, Inc., the State of Wisconsin, or the United States of America; the policies, regulations and laws of the other entity shall take precedence. The override of any single policy shall only negate that policy; the other policies remain as presented here.

These policies may be subject to change at a later date by voted approval of a majority of the populace of Windhaven present at the general business meeting.


A)    It is the decision of the people of Windhaven that there are no requirements for “citizenship” in the Barony. Citizenship is not constrained to the boundaries as defined by the Kingdom Cartographer.

B)    There will be a “Business Meeting” held monthly, typically on the second or third Sunday of the month (depending on event schedules and other conflicts)

1.     On matters put up for a vote, the general populace of Windhaven can vote, and they need not be paid members of the SCA, unless the question being voted on has membership requirement instituted by Corpora or Kingdom, i.e. selection of Baron and Baroness. If the individual feels that they are not well enough informed then they are asked to please refrain from voting.

C)    The Baron and Baroness do not have to pay site and feast fees for an event financially sponsored by Windhaven. This privilege will include royalty, from any area, visiting an event financially sponsored by Windhaven, specifically limited to: King and Queen, Prince and Princess. Waiving of fees for other visiting royalty must be individually approved at a business meeting.

D)    Event stewards and feast stewards are also exempted from paying site and feast fees for the event they are hosting/running.

E)    The Village Idiot is a monthly publication, twelve issues per year, and each issue shall be in subscribers’ hands no later than one week before each month’s business meeting. Each issue should contain “minutes” from the previous business meeting, announcements relating to issues coming up for vote, as well as reports from officers. A complete and up-to-date listing of all officers must be included in each issue.

F)    The Seneschal is responsible for the maintenance and annual review of these policies.

G)    A copy of these policies shall be posted on the barony’s web site so all members may review them at any time. Printed copies must also be available at all business meetings.


A)    Windhaven Great Officers include all the Great Offices at Kingdom Level:

1.     Seneschal (President)

2.     Exchequer (Vice-President and Treasurer)

3.     Herald

4.     Chronicler

5.     Knight Marshal

6.     Minister of Arts and Sciences

7.     Chirurgeon (Windhaven treats this office as optional)

8.     Chatelaine/Castellan

B)    Great Officers are required to be paid members of the SCA, and have access to the Northwatch and the Village Idiot.

C)    Great Officers have no fixed term, but two years is recommended. If an officer wishes to hold an office for longer than two years, a vote of confidence is advised. Notice of an upcoming vote of confidence shall be published in the Village Idiot, with the vote of confidence taking place at the next business meeting.

D)    All Great Officers hold their warrant for office from the Crown. As such, the selection process described below is really a recommendation process by which the Crown and Kingdom officer can be given an idea of whom the Barony would like to serve in that role.

E)    All Great Officers have reporting requirements from the Kingdom. In addition, all Great Officers are required to copy the Seneschal and Their Excellencies on their reports.

F)    Baronial Great Officers are asked to announce their intention to resign at least two months in advance. The two subsequent issues of The Village Idiot will carry the announcement of the posting along with requirements for the office.

G)    At the business meeting after the second notice has been published, a poll will be conducted, and the results of that poll will be used to recommend the winning candidate to Kingdom. Great Officer candidates must attend the business meeting to be included in the polling.

H)    In the event of a vacancy of office without usual notice, the Seneschal may, in conjunction with the Kingdom office, appoint someone on an interim basis until the policies outlined above can be completed.

I)     If a pro-tem appointment is made, the vacant office shall be listed in the Village Idiot until the position is filled, and the pro-tem officer shall be listed on the Office page as such.

J)     Great Officers are expected to attend the business meetings on a regular basis. If this is not possible due to work schedules or other regular, ongoing obligations, written reports may be substituted for attendance at the discretion of the Seneschal.

K)    Great Officers may select the deputies of their choice, subject to the notification of the Seneschal.  When a Great Officer steps down, their deputies must also step down. They may reapply with the incoming Great Officer. However, the incoming Great Officer may select deputies of their choosing.


A)    Lesser Officers include several offices that, while subordinate to Great Offices, are not required by Corpora or Kingdom Law, but considered main parts of Windhaven’s government. Lesser officers have no fixed or recommended term. Among these are:

1.     Quartermaster/Regalia Minister (reports to Windhaven Exchequer)

2.     Minister of Youth (reports to Kingdom MOY)

3.     Web minister (reports to Kingdom Webminister)

4.     Rapier Captain (reports to Kingdom Regional Rapier Marshal)

5.     Archery Captain (reports to Kingdom Regional Archery Marshal)

B)    Lesser officers are asked to announce their intention to resign at least two months in advance. At the business meeting following the second posting of the position, polling will be taken, and the results of the poll will be considered a statement of confidence by the Barony in the particular candidate. However, the Great Officer responsible for the Lesser Officer is not bound by this poll.

C)    In the event of a vacancy of office without usual notice, the Greater Officer responsible for that Lesser Officer may make an interim appointment until the policies outlined above can be completed.

D)    Lesser Officers are expected to attend the business meetings on a regular basis. If this is not possible due to work schedules or other regular, ongoing obligations, written reports may be substituted for attendance at the discretion of the Seneschal.


A)    By long-standing SCA policy, event stewards are group officers, specifically deputy Seneschals.  Event stewards are accepted like any other officer candidate.  The Seneschal shall instruct the Chronicler to advertise for an event steward for upcoming scheduled events far enough in advance to allow sufficient time for the event to be organized.  This will typically be early enough to allow six to twelve months of advance planning and site location.  Event steward vacancies will be listed in the Village Idiot as “Windhaven is now accepting volunteers for Event Steward of   _____.”

B)    Event stewards must be paid members of the SCA through the event.

C)    The Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness may not volunteer to steward events.  The Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness are responsible for supervision of the Event Stewards; and this could lead to conflicts of interest. This policy does not prevent these officers from running a moot.

D)    It is required that first-time event stewards be mentored by an experienced steward. This is not required for moots. It is encouraged that would-be event stewards shadow experienced stewards in preparation for managing an event.

E)    It is the duty of the Seneschal to review the progress of their event stewards.  If the seneschal feels that progress is insufficient for the scope of the event, the seneschal shall call a meeting with the event steward and the Baron and Baroness to review the event’s development.  If the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness become convinced that that the event steward is failing to make necessary and adequate preparations for the event, the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness have the following options:

1.     Appointment of a co-steward.

2.     Removal and replacement of the steward.

3.     Cancellation of the event.

4.     Other actions as appropriate.

F)    If the event steward wishes to, they may publicly appeal the decision of the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness at the next regularly scheduled business meeting.  However, the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness have the final decision in the matter.

G)    Post-Mortem – Event stewards and Feast stewards should be prepared to give a detailed report of their event at the business meeting immediately following the event. This includes attendance numbers, detailed expense and income numbers, and a report of any problems encountered, so they may be avoided by future steward(s)


In addition to the financial policies of SCA Inc and the Kingdom of Northshield, The Barony of Windhaven adheres to the following financial policies:

A)    A receipt must accompany all expense reimbursement requests.

B)    Expenses up to $50 require only the approval of the Seneschal, Exchequer or their appointed deputies.

C)    Expenditures greater than $50 must be approved by a simple majority at a business meeting.

D)    Events should be budgeted to break even or make a profit. It is understood that circumstances may prevent an event from doing so, but the event should be initially planned with an eye toward fiscal responsibility.

E)    Once an event is approved by the barony, an event budget must be submitted to and approved by a simple majority vote at a Business Meeting, before any expenditure can be made for the event.

F)    Expenditures not included in the detailed budget and/or changes to the detailed budget must be approved by the Seneschal if under the $50 limit as set in item 2, above.  If beyond $50, it must be approved by a quorum of Baronial Greater Officers.

G)    Non-event-related receipts are due to the Exchequer no more than 30 days after the expenditure. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Exchequer only.

H)    Event-related receipts are due to the Exchequer no more than 30 days after the event. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Exchequer only.


A)    Job responsibilities

1.     Attend business meetings

a.     Either the Baron or Baroness must attend the business meeting.

b.     The Seneschal and Baron and/or Baroness have a duty to consult with each other on a regular basis.

c.     The Baron and/or Baroness are officers of the Barony and as such are required to report at the business meeting. The Baron and/or Baroness may not be a Greater Officer of the Barony.

d.     The Baron and/or Baroness must have read Corpora and the laws and policies of the Kingdom of Northshield and the Barony of Windhaven.

2.     Attend Baronial Events

a.     One or the other must be in attendance at baronial events, moots and demos. A baronial event is described as one of the major events put on by the group as published in the Kingdom Newsletter.

b.     The Baron and/or Baroness are not required to attend guild, craft or arts/science meetings or fighter practice.

c.      Must attend any Kingdom event sponsored by the group, i.e. canton, college, etc.

d.     The Barony understands that attendance is subject to temporary emergencies, i.e. death in the family, health, and job.

B)    The term shall be three years.

C)    Leaves of Absence

1.     A leave of absence can be requested for up to twelve months with explanations at a business meeting.

2.     Extensions may be granted upon review.

D)    The requirements to be a candidate

1.     Must have been active in Windhaven for one year, and plays with Windhaven (if lives inside the boundaries but mainly plays outside Windhaven, not qualified.)

2.     Must show proof of membership (signed membership card or other recognized proof of membership) to be nominated.

3.     Candidates for Baron must be male and candidates for Baroness must be female.

4.     Experience

a.    Has served as a baronial officer.

b.    Involved in a variety of SCA activities.

5.     The Seneschal and the Exchequer may not cohabitate, be the significant other to or be married to either the Baron or Baroness.

E)    Nomination and balloting procedures

1.     Nomination Procedures

a.     Candidates who wish to be part of a baronial couple must run with a partner. Single candidates are also acceptable.

b.     Candidates must be nominated by someone other than themselves. Candidates must be present at the nomination meeting.

c.     In the event a person wishing to make a nomination cannot attend the meeting, a written proxy may be given to the Seneschal prior to the meeting.

d.     Nominees may accept or decline no later than four days following the nomination meeting.

e.     Written acceptance or declination should be sent to the Seneschal.

2.     Balloting and Interviewing

a.     Each candidate is required to read and sign the job responsibilities and requirements to be a candidate form

b.     The populace is encouraged to submit questions to which they wish the candidates to respond.  These questions will be given to the candidates before the interviewing and initial polling meeting.

c.     Each candidate will receive the questions no later than five days before the meeting so they may discuss and prepare a written response to be presented to the populace at the interview meeting.

d.     Responses will be limited to ten minutes.  The populace may ask questions within those 10 minutes to clarify any points left unclear.

e.     The Seneschal shall recommend an outside moderator for the interview and initial polling. The outside moderator must be approved by the members of the Barony. This moderator will ensure that these policies are followed, as well as those of Kingdom laws and SCA policy. They will tabulate the initial polling and forward the results to the office of the Kingdom Seneschal.

f.      If more than three candidates or couples are running, a preliminary vote will follow the interviews.  The outside moderator will check membership qualifications and hand out the ballots.  The top three candidates will be placed on the final ballot. Anyone unable to attend the meeting may request an absentee ballot ahead of time.

g.     Once the three highest candidates for Baron and/or Baroness have been chosen and announced by the outside moderator, these candidates' names will be forwarded to the Kingdom Seneschal, or their designated deputy, to be placed on the final ballot.

3.     Absentee Ballots

a.     A member of the populace may call the Seneschal to receive an absentee ballot for the preliminary balloting.

b.     The ballot must include proof of membership, specifically a photocopy of both sides of your membership card or other recognized proof of membership and an original signature on the photocopy.

c.     The absentee ballot can be sent to the Seneschal to be taken to the meeting or sent with another member of the populace. It must be in a sealed envelope. It will be given to the moderator to be included in the tabulating. 

d.     In the event that a ballot is received without proof of membership, without a valid signature or after the meeting, the ballot will be invalid.

e.     The ballots will be opened and tabulated by the outside moderator and the results will be announced at the meeting.  These finalists will be forwarded to kingdom to be placed on the final ballot.


A)    Horicon’s Favor: For courtesy, honor and courage in the arts martial, either rapier, heavy weapons, archery or equestrian.

B)    Golden Amphitere: For long-standing service to the Barony.

C)    Muse's Blessing: For service and participation in the arts and sciences.

D)    Bo-Tii’s Wing: For people from outside the Barony who have supported our group.

E)    Seat in Tamarack’s Hall: For people new to the Society or Barony who have become involved and shown their support through service, volunteerism. A Baronial "Award of Arms".

F)    Hospitallor’s Chalice:   For showing outstanding hospitality to members of the Barony and its guests.

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