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Windhaven Members,
Their Heraldry and Their Interests

Name and Contact Information
Lord Aaron Martin
[Aaron Schloseky]
Heavy weapons, Armoring, Archery, Calligraphy & Illumination, Leatherwork, Brewing and Vinting, Music, Drumming
Lord Aeden of Clan Colquhoun
[Jason Krueger]
Heavy weapons, Armoring, Woodworking, Archery, Leatherwork, Blacksmithing, Sewing/Garb, Dance
Lady Aesa inn Bjardoelska
[Rebecca Foster]
Brewing & Vinting, Cross Stitch, Garb/Sewing
Sir Alexandre Blackstone of Yorkshire
[Pat Turner]
Heavy Weapons, Armor Building, Heraldry (book), Cooking, Blacksmithing
Lord Antoine le Chaud
(Trevor Baxter]
Armored Combat, Thrown Weapons, Dance
Ava of Windhaven
[Meghan Krueger]
Music, Dance, Equestrian, Spinning, Ceramic Arts, Sewing/Garb
Balac ore Langer
[Greg Urban]
Armor, Master Shipwright, Master Builder, Wood Carver, Vintner & Distiller, Door Couty Ren Faire POC
Lord Balthazar fitz Gryphon
[Mark Weiland]
Cooking, B&V, Equestrian, Gardening
Lady Bevin O'Sullivan
[Sue Cavallin]
Heraldry, Archery/Fletching, Sewing/Garb
Lord Brennan Conway
[Jon Bruinooge]
Armored Combat, Armor Building, Dancing, Entertainment
Lady Brighid Chaomhanach
[Bridget Kielas-Fecyk]
Beadwork, carding, candlemaking, tarot, wine making, Bardic Arts, medieval medicine
Lady Brigid Connor
[Jean Hoehn]
Bardic Arts, Beadwork, Historic Research

Name and Contact Information
Lady Cella di Bramante
[Michelle Schleis]
Archery, Armored Combat, Sewing, Beading,Needlecrafts, Dance, Cooking, B&V, Herbal, Illumination, Equestrian, Medieval Music
Don Charimmos of Lakadaemonias
[Travis Willer]
Rapier, Costuming, Wood Working, Cooking
Brother Coenred of Windhaven
[Michael Conard]
Herbalism, Brewing, 14th-17th century religious studies
Constantine mac Gavin
[Matt Zitny]
Armored Combat, Armor construction, 15th century highland scotshistory and costuming, German fighting tactics
[Chris Nehrbass]
Heavy Weapons, Dance, Embroidery, Instrumental Music, Vinting
Cordilia of Windhaven
[Bridget Chapman]
Sewing, Brewing, History
Baron Dagr Skorrison
[Edwin Zalewski]
Heavy Weapons, Calligraphy & Illumination
Baroness Dierdre Wydeville
[Carol Rondou]
Theatre, Rapier, Vinting, Spinning, Dyeing, Bardic Arts
Lord Dionysio da Braganca
[Marty Chapman]
Theatre Arts, Archery, Brewing, Illumination, Painting
Lord Denis de Baux
[Rodger Menchaca]
Equestrian, Heavy Weapons, Armor Building, Archery/Fletching, Sewing/Garb
Lord Edward Sevensterre
[Kevin Lorenz]
THL Elspeth O'Leary
[Elizabeth Laux]
Beading, Cooking, Gal, Friday
Lady Eva inghean ui Dochartaigh
[Keri Nitschke]
Heavy Weapons, Armor Building, Heraldry (book), Calligraphy and IIllumination, Leatherwork, Needlework/Embroidery, Sewing/Garb

Name and Contact Information
Lady Farideh Sethna
L. Friday Thorn]
Sewing, Dance, Herblore
Lady Felicia Grenewell
Suzan Stone]
Lady Fiona Kittridge
[Lori Caelwaerts]
Armored Combat, B&V, Dance, Bardic
Master Friedrich von Augsburg
[Jim Hoehn]
Calligraphy & Illumination, Heraldry, Cooking, Vinting, Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Sewing/Garb
Lady Giana della Fontana
[Andrea Fontaine]
Italian Ren, Roman Empire, perfumes, brewing and vinting, cosmetics, grooming, herbalism, knitting
Lord Gonsalvo de Silva
[Dean Krzewina]
Armor making, Archery, Heavy Fighting, Dance, B&V, Equestrian, Medieval Music
Master Grimmund Blackwing
[Dan Long]
Heavy Weapons, Armor Building, Dance, Thrown Weapons, Archery/Fletching, Leathework, Woodworking, Heraldry, Bardic Arts
Lady Gwenllian verch leven Seis
[Wendy Walecka]
Sewing/Garb, Cooking, Cordials, B&V, Archery, Dance, Voice, Knitting, Tablet Weaving
[Karla Frost]
Dance, Needlework, Spinning, Sewing, Bardic Arts
Master Halati Khaiyir Tagir
[Lee Bahcall]
Lady Halla Arasdottir
[Laurie Bruinooge]
Sewing, Dance, Drumming, Armored Combat
THL Hamish Nisbet of the Clan Nisbet
[Jim Nesbitt]
Heavy Weapons, Armor, Building, Thrown Weapons, Archery/Fletching, Rapier, Cooking, B&V, Bardic Arts, Woodworking, Leatherwork, Blacksmithing

Name and Contact Information
Lady Ilaria Lamego
Dancing, Beadwork, Garb Research and Construction, Rapier
Lord Iohannes Glenfidanus
[Jonathan Foster]
Heraldry, Rapier, Gaming
Lady Isabella Deyoux
[Evangeline Stone]
Lady Jane
[Carol Letter]
Lady Joan Martin of Cheshire
[Joni Schloseky]
Sewing, Spinning, Tablet Weaving, Calligraphy & Ilumination, Needlework/Embroidery, Cooking, B&V
Lady Kateline de Locwode
[Brenda Lockwood Lorenz]
Lady Kaytlin Lepton of Gillbymoorside
[Kay Lynn Magnus]
Equestrian, Sewing/Garb, Gardening, Historic Research, Heraldry, Renaissance Music, Dance, Bardic Arts, Blacksmithing
Lady Kaytlyn MacAlpin Wood
[Toby E. Hebron]
Thrown Weapons, Spinning, Leatherwork, Woodworking, B&V, Cooking, Sewing, Herblore, Needlework/Embroidery
Lord Korunumachi Kagemori
[Josiah Stone]
Armored Combat, Brewing, Siege Engines
Lord Kyran Tallentyre (Talon)
[Brian Holcomb]
Archery/Fletching, Heavy Weapons, Armor Building, Heraldry, Leatherwork, Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Music, B&V

Name and Contact Information
Master Lanzelet von Windhaven
[Lance Steffen]
Heraldry (book), Armored Combat, B&V, Blacksmithing, Armor Building
Lijss van den Kerckhove
[Liz Zitny]
Calligraphy, Illumination, cooking, music, brewing, costuming, middle eastern dance
Baroness Leaina de Gaeta
[Jennifer Picard]
Armored Combat, Cooking, Calligraphy/Illumination, Needlework/Embroidery, Dance
Lisette de Jausiers
[Caroline Fahrenkrug]
Mistress Madeleine Bynortheweye
[Penny Van Rens]
Cooking, Brewing/Vinting, Sewing/Garb, Tablet Weaving
Lord Marcus Valentine of Pendarvus
[Harlowe Rowe]
Heavy Weapons, Armor Building
Lady Marketa Barfussin
[Melissa Gaywont]
Cooking, Dance
Lady Meadhbh
inghean Ui Neil
[Sheri Intermill]
Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Costuming, Cooking, Bardic
THL Mearha Fyrstdohtor
[Barbara Lowe]
Tablet Weaving, Sewing/Garb
Meg Duncan
[Emily Gilbert]
Garb, Research
Lord Mychael le Renard
[Michael Robinson]
Dance, Rapier
Viscountess Morgan Camelen Melintaur
[Kaoime Malloy]
Heavy Weapons, Spinning, Calligraphy & Illumnation, Cooking, Music, Dance, Bardic Arts, Middle Eastern Dance

Name and Contact Information
Baron Natan of Windhaven
[Nathan Wright]
Secret Societies, Ancient Architecture, Imperial Bureaucracy
[Ryan Bricco]
Calligraphy and Illumination
THL Roxelana Bramante
[Jonalee Crabb]
Calligraphy & Illumination, Beadwork, Dance, Gardening, Sewing/Garb
Sabine Von Bucht
[Tracy Diaz]
Rapier Combat, Tablet Weaving, Archery
Lady Serafina
[Alicia Engstrom]
Dancing, sewing, embroidery/needlework, calligraphy & illumination, jewelry, painting
Lord Seren Cynydd
[Brian Wallner]
Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Armor Making, Leatherwork, Woodworking, Brewing, Drumming
THL Sindri Jonsson
Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Brewing & Vinting, Metalworking
Lady Sibylla of Windhaven
[Donna Marquart]
Music, Jewelry, Garb, Cooking, Stained Glass, Camping, Theater, Merchanting

Name and Contact Information
Pan Tadeusz Sczepanowic
[Scott Potopa]
16th and 17th century Polish
Lord Thomas Goodwin of Norwich
[Stewart Stone]
Iron Smelting, Bloom Smithing, Building Riveted Mail, Brewing
Lady Tova Ornefedt Cgeskjold
[Susan Baxter]
Herr Ulrich Kreer
[Clifton Ganyard]
Rapier, Brewing and Vinting
Lord Ulrich Dimaris
[Jovan Schloseky]
Heavy Weapons, Armor Building, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing
Lady Vanessa de Baux
[Tracy Menchaca]
Sewing/Garb, Equestrian

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