Update (12/4/2020) regarding
​Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In an effort to reduce the spread of the Corona virus, the Kingdom of Northshield will be severely limiting operations between now & May 31st 2021.  Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Equestrian activities can resume as long as they meet the requirements:

1. All groups will follow federal (including CDC), province, state and local mandates, recommendations, and guidelines regarding meeting sizes and emergency measures.

2. Please follow your local government guidelines for group gatherings.  Masks for all attendees are highly recommended.  They should be worn properly and cover the nose and mouth. It is the attendee’s responsibility to provide their own mask. Anyone who has an underlying condition that may increase risk should not attend an event until the CDC has deemed it appropriate, please use your best judgement in these matters.  Please practice social distancing and remain the suggested distance (6 ft) from one another when gathering.

Regrettably, Armored, Rapier and Boffer combat shall continue to be prohibited at official activities as they do not allow maintaining a 6’ distance.  This will be revisited as CDC guidelines and as other similar activities change their recommendations.

The situation is evolving and if the date gets moved again I will post another update.

Luca MacGregere

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