​​​Baronial Activities

The Basics

The great thing about English Country is that in general, no one is too fussy if you turn the wrong way or start walking with the wrong foot.  Even better is that unlike ballroom dancing, in English Country the ladies will start on the same foot as the lords.  That being said, here a a few points to keep in mind:

• When you're moving forward, you'll generally start with your left foot and when you're moving backward you'll start with your right.

• When we say turn around, we usually mean to turn around to your left (take your right hand had give your left shoulder a push).  However, if you're already spinning to the right because you came out of a different dance move, don't change direction, just keep spinning.

• If you fall behind don't try to catch up to where you should be, just jump to the next spot you know you should be.

• Remember that if you mess up "It's english country, nobody minds!"

Simple Moves

There are a few simple moves to know when doing English Country.  If you forget or we start doing one you haven't seen please ask!  We all started where you are now.

The Double:

This one's pretty straight forward.  You take 4 steps forward and then four steps back.


If you're familiar with line-dancing this is kind of like a half do-se-do.  You'll take 4 steps towards your partner meeting shoulder to shoulder dipping at the knees on the final step.  You'll take 4 steps back and repeat the bow/dip.

If we say Side left you and your partner will advance aiming to meet left shoulder to left shoulder.


You and your partner will spin around as a couple.  There are several variations of familiarity and the least familiar offer wins.

• hands held out at shoulder height not quite touching

• grasping hands like in a handshake

• Grasping at the wrist

• Grasping at the forearm

• Linking elbows.  If you link elbows hang on to your partner and prepare to go for a ride!  You'll make the circuit twice instead of once so you'll be going really fast.

The basics of a Dance

In English Country there is a basic structure to dances that generally remains the same for each verse but the chorus changes from one song to another.

Verse 1 - Procession

• You'll do one or two doubles.


• Different for each song

Verse 2 - Siding


• Different for each song

Verse 3 - Arming


• Different for each song