Archery Captain

Lord Ronin the Bowleg

(John Haverty)

Web Minister

Pro-Term John Young

• Election to be held during March business meeting

Knight's Marshal
Lord Edmond Cambell

(Ed Luebke)

Lady Ashildr Snorradottir

(Ashleigh Curry)

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Eyfríðr Matheusdóttír

(Erica Schwoerer )

  His Excellency Grimmund Blackwing

(Dan Long)

    Her Excellency Mira Fastova 

(Barbara Lowe)

Baronial Officers

Rapier Captain

His Excellency Grimmund Blackwing 
(Dan Long)

​• ​Election to be held during March buisness meeting

Minister of Youth
Open - contact the Seneschal.

Chatelaine (Newcomers)
Lady AEsa inn Bjardoelska

(Rebecca Foster)

​• Election to be held during March business meeting

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Isolda Kingswood

​(Melissa Klein)

Lord Lazar Eemii Nankovitz

(Colin Foster)

Pro-Term Lord Edmond Cambell
(Ed Luebke)