The below are not official officers of Windhaven but have been appointed into specific duties:

Rapier Captain

His Excellency Grimmund Blackwing 
(Dan Long)

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Lord Iohannes  Glennfidanus

(Jonathan Foster)

Lady Xanthippe Botaneiatissa

(Colleen Hohensee)

Knight's Marshal
Lord Edmond Cambell

(Ed Luebke)

Lazar Eemii Nankovits

(Colin Foster)

  His Excellency Grimmund Blackwing

(Dan Long)

    Her Excellency Mira Fastova 

(Barbara Lowe)

Baronial Officers

Archery Captain

‚ÄčLord Ronin the Bowleg

(John Haverty)

Ashildr Snorradottir

(Ashleigh Curry)

Baronial Mistress of Lists

AEsa inn Bjardoelska (Rebecca Foster)

Minister of Arts and Sciences
 Lady Nimue Kaing of the Gypsys

(Rose Baumann)

Web Minister

Lord Mikhail (Misha) Veterpriutov Grigor'ev

(Michael Van)

Chatelaine (Newcomers)
Lady AEsa inn Bjardoelska

(Rebecca Foster)

Minister of Youth
Open - contact the Seneschal.