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Officers and Deputies

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His Excellency Grimmund Blackwing (Dan Long)
Her Excellency Mearha Fyrstdohter (Barbara Lowe)
Lady Markéta Barfussin (Melissa Heenan)
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Lady Felicia Grenewell (Suzan Stone)
Lord Vasili Gorodchikov (Nicholas Heenan)
Lady AEsa inn Bjardoelska(Rebecca Foster)(Pro Tem))
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Lord Balthazar fitz Gryphon (Mark Weiland)
Knight's Marshal
Lord Korunumachi Kagemori (Josiah Stone)
Rapier Captain
His Excellency Grimmund Blackwing (Dan Long)
Chatelaine (Newcomers)
Lady AEsa inn Bjardoelska (Rebecca Foster)
Web Minister
Lord Iohannes Glenfidanus (Jonathan Foster)
Lord Coenred of Windhaven (Michael Conard)
Archery Captain
Pan Tadeusz Sczepanowic (Scott Potopa)
Minister of Youth
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